Helping under age single mothers and their children

Street children becoming Single Mothers

In the third world countries the system of child benefit, single mother benefits does not exist. Imagine 14 years old single mother with a child, bear in mind that she had this child because of poverty they have to struggle to live and if this child is sick, she have to pay for consultation, medicine, hospital charges, and you have to pay before you can see the doctor. This is the best way that this child wonít survive therefore the rate of child death has increased to about 60% every year.

This is why HH&ECA was form to help as much as we can with the simple and the smallest things that we can afford by donating used cloths, foot wear, and monies, .and inviting the world to help in the simple things by:-

Donate or donating for the purchase of twenty / forty feet containers for a micro dispensary
Donate or donating for the purchase of dispensary and first aid apparatus,



Some of the reasons illiteracy is gaining ground even in this computer age is that poverty is triggering the following:-

  • 13/14 years old children giving birth to children
  • School fees ( school is not really free starting from nursery, nursery is not free do we have in Ghana, government nurseries which is free and compulsory for every child? No. If a child hasnít got the basic education there is 99% chances that, that child will not do well in education.  
  • Library, there is no learning centres where they can go and pick a book to read and make a research on the internet




In some countries, where children are to pay school fees most of them end up on the street because their parent cannot afford and so the children become street children. In Ghana it can be said that education is free and compulsory, but in reality it is not because they have to get uniform to start with Pencil, Pen, exercise books, copies of papers they have to pay fees for that is call school fees etc. I remember when l first started in the 1990s it cost only £5 to keep a child in the elementary school for a year.


Helping under age single mothers and their children in health and educational care is the aim we started teach them in schools after school programme so we need help.

Donate or donating for the purchase of twenty / forty feet containers for a micro library and storage.
Donate or donating for the purchase books, toys educational gargets, computers, tables and chairs etc.  



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