Making a micro dispensary where people can have their first aid in the areas where there is about 500 upward houses where there is no hospital.

At this time of our world there is uncovered areas of medical treatment as well as education. Common fever is killing more than hundred thousands a year.
A local charity group and companies we want to put micro medical centres in the areas  where there is no hospital or clinic. Where the villagers will come for first aid. 

Our aim

[+] To help street children and single mothers.
[+] To build Libraries&Health Centres in Communities where the need is.
[+] To assist children of poor economic background by sponsoring their education.
[+] Give Skills Vocational Training to deprived children especially Street Children.

We Are Seeds Of The World
Humanitarian Health & Educational Care Association
Copper Coin Donation
Humanitarian Health & Educational care Association

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