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Helping street children

Most reason we have street children in the third world countries, is because they have to pay school fees, so finally most of the children end up on the street to look their 3 square meals and end up not going to school. Some because of maltreatment by their poor parents

We want to start taking care of these children paying their school fees, supplying them used clothes, helping those who are within school going age  go back to school, enrol others  for skills training programmes,  follow them to their parents and restore them to their homes and schools.

Those who can�t go back to school, establishing them to their home and assign them to apprenticeship to learn a trade and at the same time, help them to know how to read and write.

Street children becoming Single Mothers

In the third world countries the system of child benefit, single mother benefits does not exist. Imagine 14 years old single mother with a child, they have to struggle to survive and if this child is sick, she have to pay for consultation, medicine, hospital charges, and you have to pay before you can see the doctor. This is the best way that this child won�t survive. Therefore the rate of child death has increased to about 60% every year.
This is what we do inviting you to join us by setting up a Monthly/Yearly Donation standing order toward this project in which we will be sending you monthly/yearly progress and financial reports.  

We Are Seeds Of The World
Humanitarian Health & Educational Care Association
Humanitarian Health & Educational Care Association

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